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Common causes of teeth stains in 32159

32159 dental office
32159 dental office

It’s not that difficult to get stained teeth, unfortunately. Common causes include the foods you eat, the beverages you drink, tobacco, and even certain prescription medications. We at Heritage Dental have the remedy and it’s in the form of teeth whitening treatments that are effective, safe, and quick. With one visit to our 32159 dental office, you can forget all about feeling self-conscious about your smile.

Nutritious foods are good for your health, of course, but some are not so good for your tooth color. Berries are a great example of this, as is curry. And the health benefits of tea and coffee are something we hear about all the time. We’re not suggesting you give them up, but it is worth knowing that there will be an impact on how white your teeth are. Other known teeth stainers include cola, red wine, hard candies, and soy sauce. Smoking (and vaping) are undoubtedly the biggest contributors, however. Tetracycline is just one of the prescription drugs associated with tooth discoloration. Our 32159 dental office offers you two impressive alternatives to store-bought products. Don’t risk possible injury of your tooth enamel from abrasive ingredients. Our whitening is 100% safe. For our in-office version, not only will you get outstanding results in an hour or less, but we go the extra mile to keep the rest of your mouth protected from the bleach used. If you would rather, we will have custom-made trays made for you wear at home. You just fill them with whitening solution and wear them for a short time each night. Do that for a few days and you’ll have the outcome you desire.

There is no reason to delay or hesitate. Get the smile that you will be proud of. Contact our 32159 dental office to arrange an appointment right away.

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