Dentist in Lady Lake

Dentist in Lady Lake

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Preventive Care in Lady Lake

Dentist in Lady Lake
Dentist in Lady Lake

The best preventive care you can get, outside of your own oral hygiene efforts at home, is a teeth cleaning here at Heritage Dental two times per year. It is the most effective and simple way to promote strong, cavity-free teeth, along with gums that are vibrant and healthy.

When you come in for a six month checkup with our dentist in Lady Lake, the priority is to detect the presence of any cavities and gum disease so that it can be addressed before serious consequences occur. If you have cavities or gum disease, it’s largely because of dental plaque, the bacterial substance that causes decay of tooth enamel and irritation, inflammation, and infection of gums. Plaque develops with the help of sugar and starch in your diet. When you wake up and brush your teeth, it is a direct result of that unpleasant feeling and taste in your mouth. That coating on your teeth is plaque. You should brush again before bed, and also floss thoroughly. You’ll remove the food particles and remnants that will fuel plaque as you sleep. Those combined strategies wash away the majority of your plaque. Some, though, hides away, such as in gum pockets. It then hardens, and the tartar that it becomes is virtually impossible to eliminate at home. But when you visit our dentist in Lady Lake for your twice-yearly examination, you will also get a professional teeth cleaning. Say goodbye to tartar buildup and the residual plaque still between your teeth and at the gum line. Think of it as getting a new beginning on your oral wellness, because it reduces the chance of future cavities and gum disease. Furthermore, it also reverses the effects of existing early stage gum disease.

Make your trip to our office to see our dentist in Lady Lake. Contact us right now and let us schedule a convenient time for you to come in.

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