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Dentist in Lady Lake

Lady Lake dental office
Lady Lake dental office

The importance of biannual visits to our Lady Lake dental office can be found in maintaining a mouth of strong, cavity-free teeth, along with vibrant gums. And while we at Heritage Dental cannot guarantee that for everyone under all circumstances, if you would like to have the best opportunity for oral well-being now and in the future, visits to our office every six month are very high on the to-do list.

In addition to what we can do for you here, you also should eat nutritiously, keep a close eye on your sugar intake, brush twice daily, and floss between your teeth before bed each night. The entire strategy is designed to counteract the effects of dental plaque, which erodes tooth enamel; and irritates, inflames, and infects gums. Plaque is fueled by sugars and starches, but its real damage comes when it is allowed to make its home between your teeth and in gum pockets. Most of it is washed away with your brushing and flossing. Some hides out of reach, though. It then turns into tartar, a hardened form. Plaque and tartar combine as a formidable team trying to break down your tooth enamel and cause gum disease. Your six month session at our Lady Lake dental office has several vital benefits. First, with the help of x-rays, if a cavity has formed, it can be filled while it’s still small. Second, a teeth cleaning eliminates any remaining plaque and tartar, which is like hitting the reset switch on your oral health. Third, that same teeth cleaning will reverse the effects of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease, and therefore helping you to avoid advanced stage gum disease. We also conduct oral cancer screenings, to help you to detect any signs while they are most easily treatable.

Schedule an examination at our Lady Lake dental office. It’s quick, simple, and comprehensive.

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