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Lady Lake Emergency Dentist

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Dental Trauma in Lady Lake

No one can ever prepare for dental trauma. An accident or injury occurs, and one or more of your teeth become dislodged from their sockets. Perhaps a tooth comes completely free, or what is referred to as avulsed. Depending on the situation, you can find yourself shaken, in pain, and in need of immediate care. That’s exactly when you can count on us here at Heritage Dental for urgent treatment.

There is no way to precisely calculate the potential success of treatment in saving a tooth that has suffered dental trauma. But one thing that we’re sure of is that the sooner you get to see our Lady Lake emergency dentist, the greater the likelihood that the outcome will be positive. A good result is rescuing the tooth so that it remains viable. An unfortunate result would be the loss of the tooth, along with empty space that will need to be filled at some point, such as with a dental implant. If your injuries extend beyond your mouth and the other issues are a priority, then go to a hospital ER or call 911. But for strictly dental injuries, hospitals aren’t an option. Very few have either the equipment needed, nor a dentist on staff to help you. Attempt to guide your dislodged tooth back into place before coming to see our Lady Lake emergency dentist. An avulsed tooth must be kept moist, so place it in a container of milk or in some warm water with a pinch of salt. And be sure to bring it with you.

Our Lady Lake emergency dentist is available when you are in need, so don’t hesitate to call our office right away for your dental trauma. We will have you seen without delay, and every effort will be made to save your tooth.

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