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Lady Lake Root Canal

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Root Canal in Lady Lake

Lady Lake Root Canal
Lady Lake Root Canal

If you have symptoms such as persistent tooth pain, tenderness, sensitivity to hot and cold, or swelling in the gums near the tooth pain, you should see a dentist to be evaluated. These symptoms are typical for patients who need a Lady Lake root canal. You would need to see a dentist like ours at Heritage Dental to find out.

Although they aren’t something most people look forward to, root canals can be very beneficial to patients who need one. Even though most people think a root canal procedure causes pain, a successful procedure should result in an alleviation of the pain caused by the infected tooth. The purpose of a Lady Lake root canal is to save a badly infected tooth and to relieve the pain. Root canal therapy is necessary when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed. The pulp is a vital part of the tooth as it contains the nerves, blood vessels and the connective tissues. Typically, an experienced endodontist, who is the type of dentist who specializes in this type of procedure, performs the root canal. In the beginning of the procedure, the endodontist will remove the damaged pulp from inside of the tooth. Next, he will clean and disinfect the root canals thoroughly. Finally, at the end of the procedure, he will seal the area. He will do this by closing the opening of the tooth with a temporary filling. This temporary filling will be used while the patient waits for her permanent crown to be ready. This typically takes a few weeks. When it’s ready, the patient will go back to see the dentist. The dentist will complete the treatment at this visit by placing a permanent crown on top of the tooth. After the root canal procedure, the patient will need to follow the after-care plan exactly as the dentist has directed.

If you have any symptoms, don’t wait. Contact our office right away to schedule your Lady Lake root canal consultation.

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